Happy Birthday C-Litter

by Jon on January 7, 2014

Bassets Sleeping

The C-Litter are 5 today. I can’t believe it! It’s a happy day, but also a sad day because Aggie, their mum, is poorly with cancer. We don’t know how much more time she has, but it’s one day at a time, lots of fresh salmon and chicken to keep her appetite up. Oh, and triple kisses and cuddles. She was such a lovely mum and so careful with the pups that I’ll never forget it.

Tilda age 5 Tilda

Thanks Ann-Britt! Lovely to receive birthday photo of Tilda today. She reminds me a lot of Bernard, her father. The same sweet look and gentle expression.

I know that Cora is super well with my good friend Elsa, and her half-sister Dizzie. Claudius, who lives on Gotland, is also well.

Cornelius, Charlie and Anders Cornelius & Co

Cornelius, the most gentle boy I’ve met since Bernard, is also doing very well with my friends Annette and Anders. He’s now living in Norway, right up north, the home of Bernard, his father !!!!

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Miss Winnie

by Jon on September 9, 2013

Winnie enjoying a moment in the summer grass. Can’t believe my girl is almost 10 now.


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Digby in the Sunshine

by Jon on September 9, 2013

A picture of my lovely boy in August, enjoying the sunshine. Let’s remember days like this when the snow comes !!!


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Ivar’s Gone to Lappland

by Jon on March 21, 2013

Ivar heads for Lappland Ivar heads for Lappland

I’m really thankful to Marie, who has been able to offer Ivar a home, up in Lappland.

He’s a gorgeous boy and I know he’ll love the clean air and running around in all the countryside up there. And best of all, he won’t find any tics !!!

In case you didn’t recognize Ivar, he’s been on TV3 in Sweden all summer and autumn 2012 helping viewers see what’s coming up on TV.

It was great having him home with Winnie and Tia, his mother and sister. I can’t tell you how proud I was out with them all and Digby. Three generations of basset hounds.

Aggie, of course, was sleeping in her basket at home.

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Ivar Söker Nytt Hem

by Jon on February 26, 2013

Update: Ivar ska flytta till Norrland på måndag den 18.

Ivar (Björkwoods Augustus) söker ett hundvant hem efter sina ägare fått barn.

  • Ålder: 2007-04-03
  • Hane
  • Kastrerad: nej
  • Vikt: 28 kg
  • Kan bo med barn: inte små barn
  • Kan bo med hund: ja
  • Kan bo med katt: ja
  • Temperament: Lung och timid
  • Helst någon som har haft basset förut

Ivar söker kärleksfullt hem med mycket tid för gos och kel. Trivs nog bäst i ett inte allför stojig miljö eftersom han är lugn och lite försynt.

Ivar är en lättsam kille some går snällt i koppel utan att dra. Han älskar att sitta på sofan såväl som att gå på härliga promenader.

Kontakta: Jon Buscall, 076 863 72 85

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A Happy Woofy New Year

by Jon on January 3, 2013

Aggie plays innocent Aggie plays innocent

Hope you all had a safe holiday season. The woofs behaved themselves and didn’t overeat although they enjoyed a bit of salmon here and there.

Here’s to a safe and happy new year to all our basset friends.

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Digby on His 2nd Birthday

by Jon on August 31, 2012

Digby waits for foooooooooood

I can’t believe Digby and his siblings are two today. It’s gone so quickly. I still remember the sound Tia made when Dora, who was born first, appeared. I also remember Stan arriving and being amazed at how white he was.

Everyone of these pups has a special place in my heart, just like all our pups. I’m truly grateful to all the wonderful owners who have given our D-litter woofs such wonderful homes. In particular I’m grateful to Elsa, Annette & Anders, Matsola and Karin, Caroline and Tony, AnnaLisa and of course Merete, who are extra special and have done so much to keep me involved in my dogs lives. Thank you.

Duncan Mommy Tia, Daisy and one happy Basset breeder

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Dizzie Gets Cake

by Jon on August 31, 2012

We really miss Dizzie on her birthday. She’s such a happy girl. Thanks to Elsa for sending over this wonderful birthday picture of one of our favorite girls. We know she’s having a wonderful time on the farm with Cora and the rest of the gang.

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Mr Digby loves…

by Jon on August 26, 2012

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A Mushroom Hunting Basset We Will Go

by Jon on August 12, 2012

Out with the family and Digby in the forest today looking for mushrooms. Digby’s not quite a perfect chanterelle-seeking woof just yet but he’s getting there.

I think he prefers the other diversions such as trees to jump over. Oh, and horse pooh!

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