10 Worst Things About Basset Hounds

'I'm not eager to go for a walk'
'I'm not eager to go for a walk,' says Aggie

Don’t get me wrong. I love bassets. I have six of them currently filling my house (three in the kitchen as I write). But there are something things you need to be aware of if you’re thinking of being “owned” by a basset.

  1. Their coat stinks, especially when it rains
  2. They sometimes prefer the sofa to a long walk.
  3. They stop listening if there’s an interesting smell on the ground.
  4. They shed hair all year round
  5. They’re capable of stealing frozen minced meat from the kitchen counter, even if they look close to the ground.
  6. They hate having their nails clipped (in my experience!)
  7. Their ears collect more dirt than you think is possible
  8. They have a tendency to howl early in the morning when you least expect it
  9. They view the “come” signal as a request that can be ignored, even if treats are involved
  10. They know how effective those sad eyes can be to manipulate their owners

Do you have something else to add to the list?

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  • Daneel Swanepoel

    Hi there every one! Im a first time owner of a basset pup! She have tought me so much about love and devotion!

  • http://google karyl

    Tommy adopted us when he landed in a shelter. They were about to put him down when we found him. It was love at first sight,and was he a handful. Now 4 years latter the only rules we have is you potty outside. He will always be my 2 year old, and youngest child. Bassetts require a lot of patience and a LOT of love.

  • Ed

    I haven’t found that my basset requires much patience at all. And as far as love, she probably gives way more than she gets, despite how much I have in my heart for her.

  • Rose

    I’ve had thirteen Bassets at one time. They all had different personalities and they gave nothing but love : ) a Basset can fill every void in your life and all they ask for in return is to be loved and treated with respect. That means love ,shelter,and a treat sometimes!
    They give one hundred times more than they ever get and HAVE TO BE A PART OF THE FAMILY!!! This is something you need to remember if you ever want a Basset!

  • Jim Staudt

    All I can say is my beloved Sadie has been gone now for 7 months, and I miss every one of her “annoying” habits.

  • tammy

    Ok i have 2 bassett hounds and i have to disagree with most of the comments, first there coats dont smell bad, the smell like corn chips lol. Mine do like the couch but prefer the bed. Ok yes the can counter surf but i look at it as them being creative, and ive never know a basset not to come when a treat is involved lol. I love my hounds and could not imagine life with out them

  • http://jontusmedia.com Jon Buscall

    Oh, I am so sorry to hear that Jim. I still miss Bernard even after this time. Right now my Aggie is poorly and it’s a tough time.

  • http://jontusmedia.com Jon Buscall

    They are wonderful creatures. My bassets are my children. Utterly adorable!

  • http://facebook Dave

    They will steal your Bailey’s Irish Coffee in a very sneaky manner…

  • Ed

    Did I mention my basset, Cheyenne, loves Quaker instant oatmeal, especially the brown sugar flavor?

  • Barbara

    Our basset, Mr. Finnigan, does not bark or howl! Nor does he sleep on the couch or bed. But as for not listening when there is an intriguing smell, well that’s a basset for you! He does like to counter surf, but usually to try and grab a paper towel laying to close to the edge! Can’t even think of not having him with us. He’s our 5th basset – is there any other breed?

  • Kristy Calhoun

    Penelope says that mom is her favorite but she will tolerate dad. She only stinks when she rolls in something outside. I can ‘groom’ her once a week, as long as treats are involved. The nails don’t ever get as short as i want them. Next to me is her favorite.
    Our prior basset, Dixie, could eat an entire loaf of bread before i could finish unloading the groceries. Could never leave anything within reach.
    Penelope know she will get something, she just turns the brown eyes on and we cave in.

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  • Rob

    I’d get rid of him now before someone does get bitten. If he bites outside the family, a lawsuit could be very damaging to you as well.

  • John

    I save my youngest basset her name is daisy , she will eat anything near the edge of the counter . For example, frozen hamburger , sticks of butter , pancake mix. She even ate a few packs of cigarettes. But I would give her up for anything she is my little baby girl

  • Erin York

    Yeah, don’t consider fixing the problem or finding a solution, just throw him out right now….you sir sound like an ass.

  • Becky

    I just adopted a 6 year old basset named “gwen”. She is so sweet and cute trotting around with her bone. I have to say so far she is the best dog i’ve ever had. So loving i just can’t get over it. Does not like for me to leave the house though and my husband tried to calm her after i left for 45 min and she kept on barking he said. Im thinking i’ts cause im her “mommy” :) I’m the one that picked her up from the shelter and shes grown attached. Any chance i get i take her for rides and walks. I’ts only been a week and i already fell in love. I do have a question though….i just had her groomed and bathed and in a week she is already getting that smell. Is there anything out there that helps this problem? I bought oatmeal and bakingsoda dog shampoo at petco hoping it will last longer then what the vet used.

  • Sara

    Mine would prefer water to food.

  • Dan

    I have a Basset Hound, Magnolia. I find no faults in her. She is practically perfect in every way. The only people she doesn’t like are those she hasn’t met yet. I just glad she isn’t spoiled.

  • AnnaG

    Try Dr. Bronners Soap — just don’t get the peppermint…it tingles…..

  • Robert Mack

    You kiss your mama with that mouth? I hope not!

  • Julia Staley

    I have a 2 1/2 year old basset hound named Layla, and even though she can be real stubborn and anoyying, she’s my baby. One time I left a bag of powdered sugar on the counter and she got it and got powdered sugar all over my kitchen and dinning room! She HATES her nails getting trimmed, hair blow dryers and she always barks when I’m watching TV or on the phone. We have to lure her outside with treats. Right now she’s laying on my lap snoring! I love her to death

  • marnie

    glaucoma:( mine lost both of her eyes to it…and from what I understand they are very prone…be wary and watch for eye issues. Other than that shes an angel. Love her to death!

  • Michelle Turgeon

    I have tried “pet head” spray (by the makers of “bed head” for humans). Just give a quick spray between grooming appointments (followed by a brush if she’ll let you). It helps!

  • Chris Cannon

    Nothing to worry about. That’s just a basset.Mine does that too. She’s still a sweetheart.