8 Weeks Today [Day 56]

'Let sleeping pups lie'
'Let sleeping pups lie'

Tomorrow the first of the pups is scheduled to move to his new home. So that makes tonight the last night all 8 of the gang will be together under my roof.

It’s been an amazing journey during the last 8 weeks. The woofs have grown from tiny little sproglets into puppies that love to play and get up to no end of mischief. I’ve been there all the way, even sleeping on the floor next to the litter for the first three and a half weeks!

I’ve fed them every meal after Aggie handed me the baton, washed up every bowl and wiped up all the mess. Although I’m tied and in need of a holiday (!) I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

Raising a litter of bassets is incredibly hard work, as anyone who has done it knows, but incredibly giving. I love my woofs and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

So as the 8-week-marker from birth to first pup leaving home comes around, I want to say I’m so thankful for the time I’ve got to spend raising the C-litter. It’s been stressful at times, but I’ve loved it and loved watching you grow. This intense period of my life will always be associated with you but now you’re ready to go on to your new lives.

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  • http://www.35unger.com Becky

    aww, what a bittersweet occasion! i’m glad you’ve shared your journey with the C-litter with the rest of us. i’ve definitely enjoyed watching the puppies grow :)

  • Lisa

    Hej Jon!

    Jag och min familj har njutit av dina bilder varje dag sedan valparna kom. Det blir trist utan dem! Vår basset Hildur är bara ett år så vi har fortfarande fullt upp men vi önskar så att det hade varit läge för en till… De ser fantastiskt fina ut! Vi önskar er lycka till med att hitta de rätta familjerna för de sista valparna!

  • http://www.bassethounds.nu Jon

    Thanks Becky! It’s a great way for me to look back and reminisce too. I still have a couple of pups staying on so there will be plenty of pictures to keep the site going.

    Besides, now I can put more pics of the rest of the gang up. You should have seen us today, traipsing across the snowy/muddy fields, spring beginning to remind us that it’s on its way, Aggie thundering along, Tia trying to outrun the wind, Winnie happy to trot along at my feet and Bernard his nose to the ground.

    Shame Preston couldn’t join us !

  • Jon

    Hej Lisa,
    Tusen tack ! Det var roligt att du kom förbi.