Happy Birthday C-Litter

Bassets Sleeping

The C-Litter are 5 today. I can’t believe it! It’s a happy day, but also a sad day because Aggie, their mum, is poorly with cancer. We don’t know how much more time she has, but it’s one day at a time, lots of fresh salmon and chicken to keep her appetite up. Oh, and triple kisses and cuddles. She was such a lovely mum and so careful with the pups that I’ll never forget it.

Tilda age 5

Thanks Ann-Britt! Lovely to receive birthday photo of Tilda today. She reminds me a lot of Bernard, her father. The same sweet look and gentle expression.

I know that Cora is super well with my good friend Elsa, and her half-sister Dizzie. Claudius, who lives on Gotland, is also well.

Cornelius, Charlie and Anders
Cornelius & Co

Cornelius, the most gentle boy I’ve met since Bernard, is also doing very well with my friends Annette and Anders. He’s now living in Norway, right up north, the home of Bernard, his father !!!!

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